About us

HP Rani Plast is the Nordic countries’ leading manufacturer of freezer bags and bin liners for household use. The bags are manufactured using wind power electricity, either from renewable raw materials or from traditional polyethen.

Part of Rani Group

HP Rani Plast is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rani Plast, a leading supplier of plastic film in the Nordic countries. Our parent company provides us with significant support in both product development and raw material procurement.

Environmental pioneer

HP Rani Plast has two factories, one in Klågerup, Sweden and one in Lappfors, Finland. Both factories are highly automated and use environmentally friendly electricity. We have made sustained efforts for several years to ensure that our operations are as environmentally friendly as possible, and our efforts have not gone unrecognised: we were the first company in our sector to have been awarded the right to use the Nordic Swan ecolabel.

Long traditions

HP Rani Plast’s story began in 1955 when the plastics company Rani Plast was founded in Terjärv, Finland. Three years later a company called HP Plast was founded in Sweden. For years, the two family-owned companies operated in their own parts of the world, but in 2004 HP Plast was merged with Rani Plast’s Lappfors unit. The result was HP Rani Plast.

Market leader

Today, HP Rani Plast is the market leader of bags on a roll in the Nordic countries. We have successfully maintained our production in Finland and Sweden by investing in high-level automation and short delivery times. Our customers are some of the leading suppliers of daily consumer goods in the Nordic countries and they highly value our commitment to environmental concerns. We manufacture private label products, which means that our bags are sold under our customers’ own brands.