The electricity used at the Lappfors factory has been supplied by a local wind farm since 2011. This means our power supply comes entirely from renewable energy sources.


We are the first company in our industry in the Nordic countries to be granted permission to use the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. The credential, which aims to promote sustainable development, helps consumers identify responsible products. Only manufacturers who take the entire life cycle of a product, from raw materials to recycling, into account, can use the label.


We manufacture our bin liners and other waste bags at the Lappfors factory in western Finland’s Ostrobothnia. In 2014, the products were granted permission to use the Key Flag symbol by the Association for Finnish Work. The Key Flag symbol guarantees that a product or service is of Finnish origin.

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About the company

HP Rani Plast, part of the international Rani Group, is the Nordic countries’ market leader in bags on rolls for domestic use. Our factories in Finland and Sweden boast the latest machinery in their production lines.

Our customers comprise the region’s leading food brands, mainly selling our products under their own brand name. We guarantee our customers top-level service, fast delivery times, and continuous improvement. In fact, we’ve just launched our newest product: drawstring bin liners. We sell the drawstring bin liners under our own HP Rani Plast brand.


Rani Plast

HP Rani Plast’s Finnish history dates back to 1955. This is when the plastics company Rani Plast started operating in Teerijärvi, western Finland.


HP Plast

In 1958 HP Plast, a family business in the same industry as Rani Plast, was established in Klågerup, in the southwest of Sweden. The two family businesses operated independently of the other for decades.


HP Rani Plast

The Swedish HP Plast and Finnish Rani Plast unit in Lappfors (in western Finland’s Ostrobothnia region), merged into HP Rani Plast in 2004.


Two factories

HP Rani Plast still comprises factories in Klågerup, Sweden and Lappfors, Finland.

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