Wind turbine in the forest and light beams

Committed to a sustainable future

As the leading manufacturer of bin liners and freezer bags in Scandinavia, HP Rani Plast ensures its products are manufactured, utilised and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. The fact that our electricity consumption is entirely based on wind power is a perfect case in point.

Plastic facts

Unrivalled for quality and effectiveness, plastic is often the most environmentally friendly packing choice.

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Redwood forest

Raw materials

Demand for more climate-friendly packaging is increasing and we are responding by using certified sustainable materials in our film production.

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Hand holding recycle symbol on green bokeh background. eco and save the earth concept.


Plastic is a valuable raw material. All our packaging films can be recycled into new raw material or energy.

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Certified supply chain

We want to ensure that our products meet the latest international safety and quality standards. We use certified sustainable raw materials in packaging films to support the circular economy.

Discover more about our ISO and ICSS Plus certifications.