A pioneer in sustainability

HP Rani Plast is a pioneer in sustainability. We have made sustained efforts for several years to ensure that our products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly way.

HP Rani Plast’s new ISCC Plus certificate reassures customers of sustainable content

Customers increasingly demand the use of sustainable raw materials in products. In an important move to certify the use of sustainable raw materials in the manufacture of its product offering, HP Rani Plast has been recognised with the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC PLUS) certificate.

This means certified audits are made to record the use of sustainable raw materials. The new certificate endorses a mix of sustainable and fossil-based raw materials in the same manufacturing process, one which is environmentally advantageous and supports circular economy. Read more

Made in the Nordics

One of the environmental benefits of our products is that our production facilities are located close to our customers, which results in short and efficient transportation. All our bags are manufactured in Finland and Sweden, which is where the majority of our customers are located too.

Eco-friendly electricity

HP Rani Plast manufactures its plastic bags using green renewable electricity – our factories in Sweden and Finland only use electricity generated from wind power. When switching to renewable electricity our carbon dioxide emissions were reduced from 786,000 kilogrammes to almost zero.

Swan ecolabel

In 2016, we were awarded the right to use the Nordic Swan ecolabel as a recognition of our long-term work for the environment. The customers we supply our bags to can also use the Swan label on their packaging.

The Swan label can be used on bags manufactured from renewable materials. We use Green PE, which is a plant-based renewable plastic made out of sugar cane. The production of sugar cane binds carbon and therefore has a low carbon footprint.


Renewable, degradable and recyclable

In addition to bags made out of renewable materials, we also offer bags made out of other types of environmentally friendly plastics – our selection includes both degradable bags and bags made out of recycled plastic.