Bin liners

Bin liners are under a lot of strain and they need to be strong.

Product Information

We manufacture bin liners in several colours and sizes, and the customer’s own printed banderole can be attached to the roll. Tie handles makes it easy to tie the bag shut. We also provide bags without handles with a so called star seal bottom.

The bin liners can be delivered in shelf adapted retailer packages, printed cardboard packages with bags of various colours, or on a pallet (1/2 EUR-pallet).

The four main materials we use to make our bin liners are:

  • Virgin polythene – maximum durability with the smallest possible amount of material
  • Renewable plastic made from sugar cane (Green PE)
  • Recycled polyethen plastic – promotes recycling
  • Degradable plastic – the bags can be composted as organic waste in the kitchen caddy