Raw material

We offer bags made of virgin and recycled polyethen, renewable material (Green PE), as well as biodegradable material.

Product Information

Polyethen, virgin material

  • Maximal strength with the lowest possible amount of plastic
  • When combusted only carbon dioxide and water are formed. In the Nordics, the major part of plastic waste is reused as energy.
  • Compared to plastic bags bought in grocery stores a bin liner is 50% thinner and has no print, which means less environmental impact.
  • Most of our polyether is manufactured in Finland.

Recycled material

  • Supports the recycling of plastic

Renewable material

  • Made out of sugar cane /Green PE)
  • Has a low caron footprint as the sugar cane production binds CO2
  • The material is not biodegradable

Biodegradable material

  • Degradable in a compost under the right circumstances
  • Can be thrown with the bio waste in most cases