HP Rani Plast’s new ISCC Plus certificate reassures customers of sustainable content.

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Rani Plast Newsroom

Rani Group

Parent company

Rani Plast

The parent company of the group, Rani Plast, is a leading manufacturer of plastic films in the Nordic countries.


HP Rani Plast

HP Rani Plast is the leading Nordic manufacturer of plastic bags on roll for households. The company’s plants are located in Klågerup, Sweden, and Lappfors, Finland.

Rani Plast Kaluga

Rani Plast’s Russian subsidiary manufactures packaging materials for the Russian market in its factory in Kaluga near Moscow.

Art-Pak Oy Ab

Art-Pak is one of the major manufacturers of timber hoods in the Nordic countries. The film is manufactured and printed in Teerijärvi and converted at Art-Pak’s plant in Myrskylä.

Teri-Hus Ab Oy

Teri-Talot is one of Finland’s oldest prefabricated home constructors. The company’s factory is located in the village of Teerijärvi.

Joint ventures

Terichem a.s.

Terichem Tervakoski a.s. produces capacitor film solutions and sophisticated technology applications – from Smart Grids to hybrid cars. The factories are located in Slovakia and Ukraine.


Tatrafan produces packaging material for the food industry and other industries. The company has factories in Slovakia and Ukraine.

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